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It’s FAIL time…

Drunk cliff jumping. Picking up dates on the subway. Toilet fist plunging. Getting evicted for having a threesome on your landlord’s bed. Pig farming. Trying to beat a DUI test. Gay Hitler costumes. Embarrassing yourself in front of Tig Notaro. Dating nightmares. Urine soaked beds. Getting fired for seeing The Phantom Menace. Sh***ing in a UPS truck…Uh…what?

These are just some of the epic fails we have featured on Better Luck Next Time. Each month new storytellers join us on stage and share their most embarrassing train wrecks. After each story, host Kevin Whittinghill guides the audience in a Q&A session with the storyteller so they can dig deeper into the hilarious and shocking catastrophes.

Guaranteed failures. Guaranteed good times.

Next Show September 11th
7pm @ PianoFight