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Serious ideas meet ridiculous comedy.

PianoFight (144 Taylor St., SF).


Imagine a TedTalk combined with a game show as experts discuss cutting-edge ideas while comedians riff and the audience wins fun, silly prizes. From extraterrestrial research to lab-grown meatballs, You Should Know This! brings you wild ideas and crazy laughs.

Come out and celebrate being a nerd!

June 12th, 7pm @ PianoFight

The Physics of Time Travel

Does time flow? Is "now" objectively meaningful? Is there a fundamental direction/arrow to time? Ken Wharton, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at San Jose State University, will answers these questions as he explores the physics of time and relativity in time-travel.

Joining him on stage will be host Kevin Whittinghill and the hilarious comedians Natasha Muse and Maria Diploudis.